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Marine NCO Sword
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Certified USMC NCO Saber Sword from Bermejo Toledo Spain
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Certified USMC Non-Commissioned Officer Saber
by Bermejo of Toledo Spain
Supplier to the United States Marine Corps

Item # USMCBermejoNCO

This is the ONLY certified United States Marine Corps Non Commissioned Officer Saber Sword that is manufactured in the world sword capital of Toledo Spain. These beautiful USMC NCO sabres are manufactured by Bermejo of Toledo Spain , the leading producer of military swords since 1910. These swords have been certified by the USMC to meet the specifications per Marine Corps Technical Manual TM10120-15/2 and the certification number 820 is etched on the spine of the blade. The Bermejo Toledo Spain logo is etched on the blade just below the hilt to assure you genuine Toledo Spain quality and production.

The Bermejo US Marine Corps NCO sword is manufactured with MIL-S-19206 specifications meeting highly polished class 2 stainless steel blade appropriately etched. The hilt ,scabbard and every detail are meticulously produced according to government specifications as well as the high standards of Bermejo.

  • USMC Certification Number 22ME39-000820-8551
  • Meets Marine Corps Technical Manual TM10120-15/2 MIL-S-19206 specifications
  • Overall Length: 39"
  • Blade Length: 32"
  • Special Order Blade Lengths: 28" , 30" , 34" ( add 7" to get overall length)
  • Blade Material: Class 2 Stainless Steel minimum 12% chromium
  • Blade: Unsharpened Ceremonial Edge, hand polished mirror finish
  • Pommel / Guard Material: Solid Brass
  • Grip: Leather
  • Scabbard: Leather , polished solid brass fittings
  • Protective cloth bag
  • Factory: Bermejo
  • Made in Toledo Spain

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    All Edged Weapons, Battle Ready or Not, May Injure,
    Kill and/or Become Damaged if Used Improperly

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